Snugs Rustling Foil Farmyard Animal Review

A personal favorite of the dog, be it the squeeky thing inside, the rustling plastic material or the softness of the fur, she can’t get enough of them, unfortunately she loves the poor things to the extent of destroying them within mere minutes… please understand that mere minutes is no understatement.

Here is the toy in all it’s glory, unopened, unused, brand new


Here she is maliciously staring at her soon-to-be victim planning it’s terrible demise


20 minutes… that’s right, withing 20 minutes of giving her the toy this was all that was left, the fluff removed, the squeeky part fallen out, the ear ragged and a large hole in it’s back.


These came out alarmingly easy but luckily she didn’t eat them, though for soft squeeky toys it’s pretty difficult to make the material not rip when it’s pulled


All in all this was only £1.50 in home bargains, it was one of the cheapest dog toys available and clearly wasn’t going to last a life time, if you want to get your dogs 20-30 minutes of fun go ahead, it’s a small amount of money to lose, though beware of the possible choking hazard.

for durability this gets a 1/10, but it’s definitely one of the dogs favorite toys so for that it’s going to get a 6/10.


Kong Review

Following up from the last review we had of the ‘Spikey Bone’ this is another of our longest lasting dog toys!

The Kong comes in multiple sizes and appears to be made of the same durable material that the bone was made from as it has lasted over a year so far without any sign of breaking.



One of the best things about the Kong is that you can fill it with dog food, though I find it best to fill it with something that wont easily fall out.

There are two holes, one large one at the bottom as seen here


and a much smaller one at the top that fits little dog pellets in just fine


Here the dog is trying to figure it out



After a few times picking it up and dropping it to try and dislodge the treat she got frustrated and went to play with another toy.


Don’t worry though, she got it in the end!


Overall I’d say the Kong is an amazing toy

All in all, I would happily name this toy the second 10/10, it’s reasonably priced and more fun than just a standard chewy toy, it’s very durable and will last for a long time. It can be found on amazon from various prices with the lowest I’ve seen being £3.99

Kong, 10/10

Rosewood Cyber Rubber Dental Bone Review

As far as durable dogs toys go, the ‘Spikey Bone’ As I like to call it seems to be the most indestructable object on the planet, The dog has had it since being a very young pup, and anyone who knows dogs, knows that puppies have the sharpest teeth of all.

Here’s a picture of the bone itself, after a year of constant use, it’s one of the dogs favorite toys and it’s survived through an awful lot.


You can see the odd tooth mark and sign of wear and tear but it’s easily dissmissable when considering that the drooling beast has been chewing this daily for 12 months.


Here she is challenging physics with the Bone,


All in all, I would give this toy a 10/10, it wasn’t expensive and it outlasted things that have costed twice as much but lasted a fraction of the time, it’s safe to say this toy will be here for the longhaul, I bought it in Morrisons but I have found a link to the same product on amazon for £9.57.

Green Spikey Bone, 10/10

Welcome to the Dog Toy Review!

A little background on this site, it’s goals and it’s origins. Luna is a Lab-Retriever cross who like a lot of Labs, destroys everything she touches! Toys have litterally lasted minutes in some cases and I’m not rich, so this site focuses on finding the best longlasting dogtoys and giving honest reviews of all that we come across to find which toys are the best for a destructive doggo!